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You can see that my horses love the beauty of Toy Box Farm! They also love the amazingly professional, kind, knowledgeable, detail-oriented care they are receiving at Toy Box, day in and day out! The staff knows so much and always finds time to answer your questions or take a look at something that is worrying you or your horse. If I am away, I know that my horses are in the best of hands--that people are watching over them, lunging them, making sure they are turned out daily (and on their own personalized schedules). Carol Shultis, the owner and in-resident, hands-on manager has just been the most welcoming, open-minded (excellent with any breed and any discipline), enthusiastic, expert trainer and horsewoman I believe on the planet, making my horses' transition to New Jersey a wonderful experience. She and the entire staff are problem-solvers (there seems to be no problem they can't find a solution to) AND kind AND conscientious. I feel so fortunate to be at Toy Box Farm!

– Lindy R

“The staff at Toy Box Farm are warm and friendly people, and create a feeling of ease and welcome in the barn at all times. I have been 2 “types” of rider during my many years at Toy Box – at one time I was training and competing – and now I am pleasure riding. In both cases, I have received the same amount of respect and support from fellow riders, instructors, and staff. There seems to be a shared goal here: enjoy your ride, love your horse, have fun, and be safe. And no drama.”

– Susie Henkel

“I have been a boarder at Toy Box Farm for twenty years and look forward to another twenty! Besides offering stunning facilities, exceptional horse care and professional instruction, we are fortunate to be members of a community where caring and supporting friendships are formed and nurtured. Toy Box Farm is a “village” of horse lovers!”

– Di Huns

Toy Box Farm is a place for horses and their people to feel happy and safe. I arrived here more than 25 years ago, after being critically injured at another farm I vowed to find a great facility with a truly professional staff and I have never regretted my decision to move here.

The facilities of Toy Box Farm are of top quality and upgrades are frequently planned and executed. We went to an overnight show a few years ago and returned to find that an extensive expansion of the indoor arena was well underway. Carol kept the plans a secret until the project had begun so that the boarders would all be excited at once. Flowers are added to many areas of the farm throughout the growing season so that it resembles English gardens in several spots. The trails are accessed directly from the property and are amazing. It’s possible to ride for hours without crossing your tracks or seeing anyone.

Owners with diverse backgrounds, horses and goals are welcome at Toy Box Farm. Over the years, several TBF riders have attained national ranking or championships in eventing due to the terrific training available here. Others set more modest goals, yet enjoy lessons or training assistance in order to meet them. That goal may be as basic as learning to be more secure on the trails or jumping a crossrail, but they are still taught with enthusiasm and respect. Riders who want to compete are given the tools and support needed to be successful. Those who want to stay at the farm to enjoy their horse are never pressured to show.

The staff of Toy Box Farm is professional and friendly and they conduct themselves with genuine concern for the horses. They come to know the horses very well and keep close watch over them. The turnover rate is extremely low and even those that do leave tend to keep in touch.

As a mother, I am wholeheartedly grateful for the lessons my now adult daughter has learned at Toy Box Farm. She has become quite an accomplished rider under Carol’s direction, but that’s not all I’m referring to. The extended family she has grown up with at TBF has helped her through challenging times- horse related and not. They have provided guidance in areas from horsemanship to being a good, kind and respectful person. Few people have been as fortunate to have such a fabulous support network.

Toy Box Farm is outstanding in so many ways. I’m glad it’s my home away from home. My horses couldn’t be happier, either.

– Janice Pellegrino