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Boarding Options

First and foremost, we are horse people. The staff and owner are all highly experience horse people, and each horse’s care and safety is our first priority. Carol Blackman and another staff member live on the farm, and two others live close by. At least one Toy Box Farm staff member is on the property virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer several types of boarding suited to the specific needs of you and your horse:

  • Full board in stalls. Rates from: $800.00
  • Pasture board for retired or actively ridden horses. Rate: $450.00
  • We do have to charge NJ sales tax for board.
Standard Board

Toy Box Farm has three boarding barns–all are well insulated for warmth in winter and coolness in summer. The stalls are well ventilated, and most have windows that open. Two of the barns have grills, and our newest stalls have stainless steel mesh fronts and doors for maximum air circulation. All stalls have rubber-matted floors and wood shavings as bedding.

Standard boarding program:

  • Feed grain a minimum of twice a day, hay four times
  • Specialized feeding as required.
  • Supplements given as required, owner supplied or ours.
  • Medications administered as ordered.
  • Stalls cleaned twice a day
  • Daily turn out – individual or in small groups; day or night, dependent on time of year and weather. We have over 50 acres of fenced, lush pastures.

Included amenities for boarders:

  • Access to wash stall with hot and cold water and heat lamps
  • Spacious tack rooms in all barns
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Vaccination, worming and dental schedule
  • Automatic vaccination program (for those who choose to use the Farm’s vet)
  • Automatic reminders for shoeing (for those who choose to use the Farm’s farrier)
Pastured And Retired Board

Pasture and Retired Board

  • Access to spacious and deep run-in shed facing south
  • Large, open grazing fields
  • Continuous fresh water supply from an automatic, insulated, water trough (heated in winter months)
  • Twice daily monitoring: These horses are brought up twice daily throughout the year, fed separately; assuring they alone receive their grain ration, and any supplement and medication allotted to them

Special Requirements:

While we believe that our standard care is comprehensive, we recognize that some owners may have special requirements. We work with owners to accommodate their requirements. The fact that several of our boarders have been with us for over twenty years, and the majority of our boarders have been with us for over five, speaks well of the standard of care and attention to detail Toy Box Farm offers all of its boarders and their horses.