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Toy Box Farm Benefits

Toy Box was founded by Carol Blackman Shultis in 1983, and has been through many renovations and expansions over the years. Today, Toy Box Farm is one of the leading equestrian facilities in New Jersey. Spacious pastures, insulated barns, a variety of riding areas, and access to 75 miles of bridle trails, have made it a place where both casual pleasure riders and competitors can both feel at home. Highly experienced, caring staff members. Open 7 days a week.

Come see why some boarders have been with us for decades!


Riding Arenas and Rings

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Riding Arenas and Rings

Indoor arena:

Spacious 200ft ring with windows and mirrors. Constructed with wooden sides and insulated roof, it stays far more comfortable for indoor riding in extreme heat or cold weather.

Outside training areas:

  • Large fenced sand arena set with a variety of stadium jumps
  • Dressage arena
  • Cross-country field with varied terrain, including drops, bank, ditches, logs, and water – designed to train less experienced event horses and foxhunters and to build rider confidence
  • Hacking & galloping track

Barns and Stalls

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Barns and Stalls

Our insulated and well-ventilated barns stay cool in summer, and well above freezing in the winter, providing comfort for you and your horse year-round. Stalls are roomy, with rubber mats and windows. We bed with shavings. We provide a wash stall with hot and cold water, spacious tack rooms and a bathroom including shower.

Pastures and Turnout

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Pastures and Turn Out

Day or night turnout  (dependent on time of year and weather) for our stabled horses. Horses are turned out in small groups or individually, at owner’s choice. We have over 50 acres of fenced, lush pastures.

Pastured and Retired Horses

We offer large fields for grazing and a spacious and deep run-in shed facing south.  Their water supply is from a large, insulated water trough.